Service Providers


Why Process with GovCard
-No processing costs are incurred by the utility company or municipality
-Multiple (ACH, credit, and debit) customer payment options
-Reduce receivables
-Increased service levels for your customers
-Recurring payments
-Customers appreciate the convenience of paying online and by card
-Free landing page with a click-to-pay button

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or Contact: Cole Lawrence Phone: 888-311-7248 Ext 3002 email:

Become a volunteer water and/or wastewater operator through MIWARN. Click here for the details.

Jump Start Testing. Want further opportunities to take practice tests after completing an MRWA Review Class?

Jump Start Testing is a downloadable application to a smartphone, tablet, or computer, w

here operators can take practice sample operator tests wherever they have internet access. Practice questions, along with correct answers and references are available for Water Treatment, Water Distribution, Wastewater Treatment Biological, and Collections for all. Or, use it throughout the year to get a "Jump Start" on preparing for the MRWA Review Classes.