Equipment Fund Donation Request

MRWA has many kinds of equipment we bring with us on community visits to assist with various issues.


Some of the current equipment / services: Leak Detection, Pressure Gauges, Line Locator, Digital Flow Meter for Hydrants, Hydrant Pressure Recorder, Hydrant Diffuser, Pressure Relief Valve, Metal Detectors, Listening Ears and more.


Equipment Needed (sample list)


DO probe: Used for measuring dissolved oxygen in water or wastewater. This measurement is a requirement for all wastewater systems that discharge into the surface waters of Michigan.


Portable Sampler: Wastewater monitoring and sampling, stormwater sampling and monitoring and is very helpful, and required by most industrial pretreatment programs (IPP)


Manhole camera: Assists with identifying service taps, locating blockages/defects as well as general inspection.  It also will be a very good tool to relay the information to the community council and board.

Equipment Fund Donors
Village of Breckenridge
Village of Olivet