Lead and Copper Rule Assistance

Need assistance navigating your way through the Revised Lead & Copper Rule? The experts at 120Water are here to help every step of the way.

120Water is a complete solution for successful drinking water programs. No matter where a water system is in its LCR Compliance journey, 120Water can help - from developing an assessment of a utility's situation to assisting in a multi-year compliance effort. 
Implementation Services Process
  • Sample and Remediation Kits
  • Consulting Services
  • Service Line Management
  • Public Communications
  • School & Childcare Facility Sampling
  • Pitcher/Filter Distribution Services


LCRR Resource: 120Water Executive Report

The world of water is shifting and evolving. Leaders in the water industry must recognize the impact of this shift and prepare their teams to meet the new challenges.

To fully understand the changing landscape, the team at 120Water sat down with industry executives across the country to discuss what they think is happening in the market and how to best prepare for the coming regulatory changes in the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR).

They compiled their insights into their 2021 Executive Report and are sharing the top recommendations for managing through a changing industry as well as suggestions for preparing your team for LCRR.


Webinar Revision Review 101: Tackling the Lead and Copper Rule with Confidence
The finalized Lead and Copper Rule is here, and with that, greater clarity on the steps water systems will have to take to stay compliant. To help kick start your 2022 LCR planning, 120Water’s CEO and Co-Founder, Megan Glover, will host a free webinar on January 11th at 1pm EST.
Click here to register: https://120water.com/resources/review-the-lead-and-copper-rule/

For additional information:
Lowell Huffman
317-750-2096 | lowell@120water.com
Dates TBD but look for the following classes in Janaury 2022 to learn more about this
Session 1 - LCR and the Revisions: Seven key changes and how utilities can prepare TODAY
Session 2 - The Service Line Inventory: Learn best practices and verification
Session 3 - Funding for LCR Revisions: Understanding resources available