Rural Water Needs Your Help


Rural Water Needs Your Help

USDA Rural Development Water and Environmental Programs has consistently supported rural communities in completing necessary upgrades to their water and wastewater facilities.

Today’s Congressional policies and funding decisions are jeopardizing communities in rural America. Budget cuts will leave USDA WEP unable to accomplish its mission.

WEP is instrumental in helping rural America increase economic opportunities, protect public health, maintain affordable water access, and ensure their communities are sustainable. 

The 4 essential areas of Rural Development's Water Programs
-Sustainability: Small and rural communities rely on access to affordable loan and grant opportunities through USDA Rural Development to make repairs, upgrades, and to build new critical infrastructure for their communities.

-Public Health: Water is a vital resource and is required for all aspects of daily life, including drinking, cooking, washing, and flushing. In order to protect public health, all Americans should have access to this resource through reliable infrastructure.

-Economic Vitality: Critical infrastructure, including adequate water service, is a basic requirement for a healthy economy, encourages employment opportunities and makes a community a desired place to live and work. The nearly 45,000
water systems in rural America are anchor institutions in their communities.

-Affordability: Affordability is the key factor for small and rural communities in their decisions to upgrade and enhance water services for their customers.

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