Covid-19 Resources & Updates

We all share the same goal: To safely reopen Michigan. And while #COVID19 may have robbed us of our time, it cannot take away our hope. Hope is spreading for a stronger future –a future without COVID. Wear a mask, practice social distancing, and join usin Spreading Hope, Not COVID by learning more at


March 23, 2020
We know these are difficult times for our water and wastewater operation specialists as the residents of Michigan rely on safe and clean water being provided to them 24/7. These utilities provide an essential service to our residents. We understand that small and rural systems will be impacted more than larger systems if their workforce becomes infected. MRWA has instituted emergency measures to ensure the safety of our staff thereby enabling them to continue to provide assistance to water and wastewater utilities and respond to on-site emergencies.

Effective immediately MRWA will be following NRWA’s federal guidelines and halting all on-site visits from our fields staff. This is being done to keep our staff healthy so they can respond to any emergency our small and rural systems encounter from the covid-19 pandemic. Our staff is still here to assist you remotely on your normal day to day operations, planning for the pandemic, asset management, etc. to name a few. If you need emergency assistance for your system, we will be there to assist you all you have to do is reach out to us.

We encourage our utility members to reach out to neighboring systems and develop informal mutual aid networks in case critical utility staff are unable to perform your duties. MRWA has a bare bones mutual aid agreement you can use for this if you would like just to reach out to us, we can pass it along to you. We must be prepared to assure continuity of services, no matter what.

Also, to assist our members we have teamed up with Michigan Section American Water Works Association and the Michigan Water Environment Association to ensure that water and wastewater technicians across the state can fill spots if they are needed where workforces are affected. If in need of an operator temporarily MRWA can assist but if our staff are unavailable reach out to us and we can provide you a list of operators that are able to assist you.

We will continue to monitor any changes of the COVID-19 pandemic and adhere to state directives as they are issued. It is our commitment to you, and we are here for you with resources, assistance and emergency response capabilities. If you have any concerns please contact me at (cell #616-401-5436) or Joe Little, Deputy Director/Director of Training (cell #231-920-5688) or our office.

Tim Neumann

In these unusual times that we are facing just want you to know MRWA is here to assist your communities. It is our goal health and safety at the forefront in the uncertainty of COVID-19. Our circuit riders, wastewater techs, source water and energy efficiency will be moving to doing more remote assistance with your communities in this time. Our staff are ready to assist your communities if the spread impacts your systems during this time. We are also looking for operators that would be willing to assist systems if they happen to be in a need of an operator. We sent out a COVID-19 Sustaining Operations checklist and in this list asked for operators. If willing to assist, please follow this link to provide your information

Please do not hesitate to contact us as we are here to help you!

We are postponing all of our April water and wastewater classes as both the water and wastewater exams in May and will be looking to reschedule in mid-summer so we are in the process of re-scheduling the dates of those classes with possibility of them being the end of May through June. Once we know the dates, we will reach out to everyone currently registered if there are openings in the classes you will then be able to register for the new dates. 

The MRWA Staff and Board of Directors are working to keep your health and safety at the forefront. As water and wastewater professionals we value the impact you have on the health you provide to your communities. There is a great deal of uncertainty and impacts are changing constantly in regards to COVID-19. We at rural water are here to assist you with anything you need in dealing with COVID-19 our staff is on the job and able to assist in emergencies.

If you need assistance please reach out to us. Below are some quick links to information on COVID-19. We will be monitoring the continued guidance on COVID-19 and also please keep monitoring our website for updated information and also updated information regarding postponement or cancellations of MRWA Training.