MRWA offers community and supplier memberships for the entire company. MRWA does not offer individual memberships.

Community memberships are valid from July - June so if you join mid-cycle, you will pay a pro-rated dues amount and then be billed the full amount when all community members renew.

Supplier (Associate Partner) membership are valid from January - December. If you join mid-cycle you will pay a pro-rated dues amount and then be billed in full when all suppliers renew.

Below are the current costs for members. THESE RATES ARE SUBJECT TO BEING PRO-RATED OR CHANGED. This is only to give you an estimate of what your employer would pay for dues for the ENTIRE organization.

Do not send payment--you will need to complete an application and be invoiced. Contact the membership director for an application.

2017 - 2018 Community Memberships
1-250 Water and Wastewater Connections $320
250-1,000 Water and Wastewater Connections  $440
1,001-3,000 Water and Wastewater Connections  $670
Over 3,000 Water and Wastewater Connections but under population of 15,000  $760       
Associate Community population 15,000 and over  $810

2017 Associate Partner Memberships
Associate Partner $310

2017 - 2018 Other
Septage Haulers $210
Retiree (Must have retired from a member)  $26
Non- Transient/NTNC System (colleges, schools, etc.)  $80

If you need more information about MRWA membership or wish to join, please contact Melisa Lincoln, Membership & Marketing Director at 517-657-2601 or email