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MRWA 's Magazine the Clarifier is going Digital!  We now have a digital edition to complement our print copy.  Please click the link to enjoy our current issue digital edition!

 MRWA Clarifier Digital Edition


Instructions for Accessing Digital Versions



Click here to register for any of these upcoming training classes.

Water Well Operations & Maintenance Course, December 3, 2015, Lansing
Supervisory Training for Water and Wastewater Personnel, December 8, 2015, Scio Township
Workplace Safety Conference, December 8-9, 2015, Bay City
Temporary Traffic Control Training, December 15, 2015, Lansing
Temporary Traffic Control Training, December 16, 2015, Clio
Implementing a Residential Cross Connection Control Plan, December 16, 2015, Battle Creek
Implementing a Residential Cross Connection Control Plan, December 17, 2015, Frankenmuth
Excavation/Trenching Safety & Qualified Competent Person Training, Janaury 6, 2016, Mason


 MRWA 2016 High School Video Contest


The Michigan Rural Water Association would like to extend an excellent opportunity for your students to express their ideas, gain insight into the importance of water conservation and a clean water supply and possibly win cash prizes for themselves and your school.  Please click the link below for all the video contest rules!


2016 Video Contest


 EPA is hosting Septic Smart Week


EPA is holding its third annual SepticSmart Week from September 21-25, 2015. SepticSmart Week outreach activities encourage homeowners and communities to care for and maintain their septic systems. SepticSmart Week Seal 2015

Nearly one-fifth of all American households depend on septic systems to treat their wastewater. Failure to maintain a septic system can lead to failures resulting in costly repairs, well contamination, polluted local waterways, and risks to public health and the environment.

During SepticSmart Week, EPA seeks to inform homeowners on proper septic system care and maintenance, assist local agencies in promoting homeowner education and awareness, and educate local decision makers about the infrastructure options available to improve and sustain their communities.

Get printable homeowner-targeted materials in the SepticSmart Toolkit.


Do your part be Septic Smart

The Do's and Don'ts of you Septic System





 MRWA Safety Training


This training is geared towards safety awareness, regulations and providing information from MIOSHA and other safety agencies.  The goal is to help make workplaces safer and reduce accidents and fatalities in our industry.  We have a variety of safety topics available to develop a custom safety training program designed to fit the needs of any public utility or private enterprise.  Please review our Safety Training Brochure for complete information.


Safety Training Brochure




                   MRWA Presents Online Training

Welcome to e-Training, a Web-based Training System

Presented by the Michigan Rural Water Association in conjunction with SunCoast Learning Systems.

e-Training offers water and wastewater operators in Michigan the opportunity to access education, training and continuing education credits (cecs) via the Internet, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. e-Training enables water supply professionals to obtain education and training credit hours through self-paced courses. All online courses offered by the MRWA have been approved by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ).



 EPA Revises CCR Interpretation of CCR Delivery to Allow for Electronic Delivery

EPA’s decision obviates the need for the Congressional effort to change the law to allow for similar electronic delivery of the CCRs led by Congressman Young (FL) and Senator Toomey (PA).  NRWA Regulatory Committee Chairman John Sasur (MA) said, “Water supplies are grateful for Congressman Young and Senator Toomey’s leadership and support.”  NRWA has advocating for this change in federal policy for 15 years.



EPA CCR Memorandum and Overview and Electronic Delivery Implementation Approaches and Methods


Through EPA MRWA has a Training & Technical Assistance Program that offers free training and technical assistance to NTNC Public Water Systems.  For information on free training please view our training page on the website and for technical assistance please contact MRWA at (989) 539-4111


Rural Water launches professional recognition initiative


(Harrison, MI.) – The Michigan Rural Water Association, in cooperation with the National Rural Water Association, launched a nation-wide professional recognition initiative on August 1, 2012. The initiative will advocate the value of professional careers in the water and wastewater industry, and advanced the quality of those careers.

“The quality of the American water industry has advanced so far that it is often taken for granted,” said Tim Neumann. “Too often the efforts of those that ensure quality water at the tap go unnoticed.”

According to Readers Digest Magazine, there are approximately 108,330 system personnel who operate water and wastewater systems.  In the article, these positions are listed as number 2 in the “Top 10 Jobs Americans Cannot Live Without.” Individuals in these positions have tremendous responsibilities, including water quality testing, regulatory compliance and handling of dangerous chemicals. Despite these heavy responsibilities and liabilities, the professionals in these positions often go unrecognized.

“This initiative was created to improve the recognition of these critical water-related jobs, and position the water industry to cope with the impending workforce shortage expected from increasing number of retirements,” Neumann said.

The first step of the initiative is a terminology change, referring to water and wastewater positions as “System Operations Specialists.” The National Rural Water Association and its state rural water affiliations, together representing over 28,000 rural and small communities, will begin using the new terminology verbally and in all printed material after August 1.

“Titles project the skills, knowledge and expertise embedded in the industry and these System Operations Specialists should be recognized for the critical positions they hold in our communities,” Neumann said.

The launch of the initiative includes a proclamation to recognize the value of water and wastewater professionals and indicate the new terminology.

“This initiative is just a small step to gain deserved recognition for system operational personnel, who impact our daily lives in what they do,” Neumann said. “The attached proclamation is the vehicle that will launch this effort.  Its success will be measured by system personnel, associations, and agencies ingraining it into their vocabulary.”











MRWA Amends 2010-2011 Strategic Plan


Generally Accepted Water Management Practices for the Public Water Supply Sector
Developed by MI-AWWA







MRWA Clarifier



MRWA's publications, The Clarifier quarterly magazine and our annual
MembershipDirectory, provide the detailed information that you need to stay informed with colleagues and suppliers to the rural water industry in Michigan.  These publications are mailed directly to every water and wastewater operator in Michigan, and handed out to operators during trainings, conferences and on-site visits to communities.  The Clarifier and Membership Directory are a benefit to all members of the Michigan Rural Water Association. Click on the magazine cover for advertising information for the Clarifier Magazine.

 Click on the magazine cover for advertising information for the Clarifier Magazine.









OUR MISSION: To provide resources, education, and networking to all members, future members, and their customers in order to enhance quality of services.


OUR VISION: To be recognized as the leader in supporting public works issues in the State of Michigan.


Submittals: MRWA welcomes manuscripts, photographs, e-mail, letters and illustrations to the Web Editor. Materials may be edited or denied. Please feel free to express any additional insight to our Web Site.




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